Weddings in Klamath Falls

Situated on 100 acres of picturesque ranchland , Willow Tree Ranch offers a unique blend of rural charm and natural beauty.

A Rustic Wedding Wonderland

Retro wedding arch

Great marriages start with a great wedding. Create lifetime memories with an outdoor ceremony on our spacious manicured lawn featuring a trio of fully mature Willow Trees. Your guests will enjoy the fresh air and the big-sky southeasterly view of Mount Shasta, fronted by Sheep and Mahogany Mountains.

Our well-maintained, half-acre back yard, anchored by a trio of majestic, mature Weeping Willows makes a great canvas on which to paint your ideal outdoor wedding celebration.

Rustic wedding before the willows
Couple kiss under the willow
Couple under the willow portrait

Large Wedding Package

Rate info:
  • Saturday or Sunday
  • Flat Rate: $7500 full day (8am-10pm)*
  • Maximum capacity: 250 guests*
  • Alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed & insured bartender (not included).
  • Weekday wedding discounts up to 15%
  • Discounts also available for medium (under 150) and small (under 50) weddings.
  • 14 hours exclusive access to all listed amenities. We book only one event per day.
  • Cafe lights and twinkle lights pre-strung throughout the property provide fantastic base ambiance.
  • Valet parking for all guests. Designated parking for vendors.
  • Clean, flush restroom.
  • Venue staff person onsite on event day (for communications with wedding coordinator, catering, supervising staff, safety, etc.).
  • Well-maintained half-acre backyard anchored by the eponymous Willows for ceremony and outdoor dining.
    • Beautifully-lit outdoor patio for cocktail hour or preferred dining.
    • 5 foot wide rustic wooden wedding arch and chiffon drapery.
    • Five full-size wine barrels for decor.
The Suites
  • Two fully-furnished airbnb suites for separate bride and groom prep (one 1BR unit and one 2BR unit).
  • Overnight stay is included.
  • 2,700 square-foot gymnasium for youth recreational activities or unexpected weather turns.
    • Pre-equipped for basketball, pickleball, cornhole.
  • Massive arena for band/DJ/dancing.
    • PA System 3000 with microphones.
    • 15x15 (barn-wood look) dance floor.
Vendor options:
  • Vendor recommendations and planning assistance available.
  • Open vendor policy - make your wedding uniquely your own.
  • Self-sufficient mobile bars and/or food trucks are welcome.
  • Unlimited emails and calls.

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